Jan. 11 (W) / Introduction

Policing: Basic Views from History & Sociology

Jan. 18 (W) / Police, State, Society: History
Questions about the History of Policing
Haller, “Historical Roots of Police Behavior: Chicago, 1890-1925
Monkkonen, “From Cop History to Social History
Miller, “Police and the State
Backstory Radio, “Serve and Protect? A History of the Police.”

Jan. 23 (M) / The Police Role
Questions about the Police Role
Rumbaut & Bittner, “Changing Conceptions of the Police Role: A Sociological Review

Jan. 25 (W) / Crime in Historical Time
Questions about Long-Term Violence Trends
Eisner, “Long Term Historical Trends in Violent Crime

Jan. 30 (M) / The History of Homicide in the U.S.
Questions about Homicide in U.S. History
Monkkonen, “Homicide in Los Angeles
——–, “Homicide: Explaining America’s Exceptionalism
Spierenburg, “Democracy Came Too Early: A Tentative Explanation for the Problem of American Homicide

In class
Reverse Outlining

Feb. 1 (W) / Setting up your Inquiry thru Prewriting
Assignment: Writing Project 1
Handout: Prewriting
Instructions: Prewriting for Writing Project 1

After class: Send me a short email detailing your proposed inquiry for the paper.

Feb. 6 (M) / Large-Group Workshop
Rough Draft of Writing Project 1 due on Box (Section 67, 1:25-2:40; Section 68, 3:05-4:20)
Read: handouts under Drafting (Structure & Argument) and Responding and Getting Responses

Diagnosing Police Problems

Feb. 8 (W) / Two Societies
Questions about Yamahtta-Taylor, “A Culture of Racism”
Revised Rough Draft and revision memo due on Box + paper copy in class
Taylor, “A Culture of Racism,” From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation

In class: “Two Societies,” Eyes on the Prize (documentary film)

Feb. 13 (M) / Response
Questions about Civil Disorders
Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders (“Kerner Report”), “Summary
Zelizer, “Fifty Years Ago, The Government Said Black Lives Matter
Geary, “What the Kerner Report Got Wrong About Policing

Feb. 15 (W) / Frontlash?
Weaver, “Frontlash
Hinton, “A War Within Our Own Boundaries

Feb. 20 (M) / The People & the Police
Final Draft due on Box + paper copy in class

In class: The People and the Police

Feb. 22 (W) / Reforming the Police: Overview
President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice, The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society, “Summary” and “Chapter 4”

Feb. 27 (M) / Reforming the Police: Specifics
President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice, Task Force Report: The Police

Mar. 1 (W) / Library Visit

Mar. 6 (M) / Idea Development
Embedded Writing Consultants visit class

Mar. 8 (W) / Small Group Workshop
Rough Draft Project 2 Due on Box + paper copy in class

Mar. 13 (M) / Spring Break

Mar. 15 (W) / Spring Break


Mar. 20 (M) / How Civil Rights Changed America
Taylor, “From Civil Rights to Colorblind,” “Black Faces in High Places,” From #BLM to Black Liberation

Mar. 22 (W) / Policing: From Then to Now: Overviews
Taylor, “Introduction,” “The Double Standard of Justice,” From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation
Scott, “Progress in American Policing?

Mar. 27 (M) / Do Not Resist!
Do Not Resist!

Mar. 29 (W) / #blacklivesmatter
Taylor, “Barack Obama,” & “Black Lives Matter”

Apr. 3 (M) / #blacklivesmatter Proposals
Final Draft Project 2 Due on Box + paper copy in class
Movement for Black Lives, “Platform” & “End the War on Black People
Campaign Zero, “Solutions

Apr. 5 (W) / The President and Criminal Justice Reform
Barack Obama, “The President’s Role in Advancing Criminal Justice Reform,” Harvard Law Review (2016)

Apr. 10 (M) / Group Meetings

Apr. 12 (W) / 21st Century Policing 
Task Force Report

Apr. 17 (M) / Individual Meetings
Rough draft of paper due at individual meeting

Apr. 19 (W) / Reform
Lum & Nagin, “Reinventing American Policing

Apr. 24 (M) / Group Presentations

Apr. 26 (W) / Reflection Essays Due