Questions about Homicide in US History

1/30/2017: Class 4

Monkkonen, “Homicide in Lost Angeles, 1827-2002,” Journal of Interdisciplinary History (2005)
——–, “AHR Forum: Homicide: Explaining America’s Excepitionalism,” American Historical Review, (2006)
Spierenburg, “AHR Forum: Democracy Came Too Early: A Tentative Explanation for the Problem of American Homicide,” American Historical Review (2006)

Questions about American exceptionalism and the problem of homicide:
1. How does the history of homicide in the United States differ from its history in Europe?
2. What different explanations do scholar advance to address these differences?
3. Is the history of the United States incompatible with classic sociological theories about the relationship between violence and modernity?

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